15-Minutes Healthy Breakfast Ideas That You Can Make Instantly - Cooking Recipe and Tips
15-Minutes Healthy Breakfast Ideas That You Can Make Instantly
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15-Minutes Healthy Breakfast Ideas That You Can Make Instantly

Are you looking for instant breakfast ideas? Here in this blog, we are giving instant breakfast ideas that you can make in just 15-Minutes.

The winter season brings lazy mornings that make you wish to stay curled up in your blanket for more time before diving into the routine of the day. But staying on the bed for longer can derail your schedule. So, you would surely start your day with a healthy and good breakfast. But, is there any way to spend as minimum time as possible cooking in the kitchen during the morning? 

Yes, we are giving a list of interesting ideas for breakfast recipes that one can prepare in just 15-minutes. It is perfect for cold mornings when it is needed to wrap up the cooking and enjoy your breakfast on the bed. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas that you can make in just 15-minutes:

  • Baked Eggs

In many households, eggs are usually featured on the plan of breakfast. If you are having eggs regularly, then it is the right time to give them a makeover. With this idea, you can prepare breakfast with rich protein in just 15 minutes. You can enjoy this tasty baked egg dish along with the bread toast.

  • Murmure Appe

Most people like to have south Indian breakfast in the morning, right? Then a plate with hot appe along with coconut chutney and flavourful sambar will make your day amazing. This traditional appe made up of rice may take some extra time to get prepared, but if you are using puffed rice or murmure to prepare them can be done in an instant.

  • Banana & Almond Porridge

It is the most comforting breakfast that you can try on winter mornings. This is a healthy breakfast that can be prepared quickly and packed with multiple health benefits. Banana and almond porridge breakfast carry the goodness of dry fruits, fresh bananas, and milk that are perfect to take in the morning of the winter season.

  • Green Pea Upma

Take a plate full of delicious and hot upma when you wake up to crave some good food in the winter morning. It is one of the most popular breakfasts that is made up of fresh green peas and roasted semolina along with a host of spices. In the end, use some fresh coriander leaves to garnish it.

  • Oatmeal Poha

You can do experiments with poha at times when you have the lesser time to prepare morning breakfast. You can make tasty as well as healthy oatmeal poha in the morning. It is good and rich in iron with low calories. It is also a great breakfast for health freaks too.

  • Mixed Dal Cheela

‘Cheela’ is the go-to breakfast option when you are looking to make breakfast quickly. Mixed dal cheela consists of proteins and contains different pulses including arhar, chana, moong, and urad. Prepare this mixed dal cheela in 15-minutes for your family.

  • Scrambled Eggs

Lazy mornings in winter demand something comforting, tasty, and healthy. So, eggs are the best to use for breakfast. Make a super tasty scrambled eggs dish with some milk, salt, butter, and pepper, and start enjoying it with your family.

With these breakfast ideas, you can prepare your nutritious breakfast without waking up early in the morning during winters.

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