Five Best Healthy snacks for Holi Celebrations - Cooking Recipe and Tips
Five Best Healthy snacks for Holi Celebrations
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Five Best Healthy snacks for Holi Celebrations

This Holi why don’t we try some healthy options open to deal with the repercussions. These festive treats have the same flavors, the same punch, and the same power of gastronomic delight, just without the guilt of having anything unhealthy. Here are some of the delicious five healthy Holi snacks you can make at home. 

1. Healthy Pan Shot

A Holi dinner earns a smashing finish. And Pan Shot is it. Pan already has prestige for being a powerful anti-aging and digestive agent. It’s the perfect ending to the perfect festival. Even though restaurants serve pan shots with ice cream which adds more to calories than fun. 

2. Healthy MalpuasΒ 

A traditional Indian dessert loved by all in a warehouse of gluten-free, fiber-rich oats flour. If the idea of Malpuas is making you worry about your fitness solution. Make use of soy or almond milk and pair the delicious Malpuas with Halwa or Rabri to color the festival of Holi healthy and lip-smacking delicious. 

3. Healthy Almond Milk Thandai

Holi celebration is not fun without some special Holi Thandai. But getting high on this sugary treat is surely not so healthy. Razing down some fun is good enough, but not at the cost of your hard-worked fitness control. Instead, keep it well on the fun part, just lose out the fat and fab from it. 

4. Moong Dal Dahi Vadas

Now, get a non-fried version of the most popular street food Moong Dal Dahi Vadas in your kitchen. It’s an easy-to-make and even easier-to-digest recipe perfect for post-Holi snacks. It might need an overnight prep, yet, the result will be super tasty and spicy.

5. Baked Gujiya

Going with the baked version of the fried tastiness called Gujiya is a healthier option you need this Holi. It won’t hinder the taste but also add to the fitness of the dish. To make it all the more fun, you can even fill it up with caramelized apples and other fruit-based options. Moreover, this can be stored for a longer period.

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