Five Quick Recipes for Cosy Winter Evenings - Make In No Time - Cooking Recipe and Tips
Five Quick Recipes for Cosy Winter Evenings – Make In No Time
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Five Quick Recipes for Cosy Winter Evenings – Make In No Time

If you are looking for simple and quick dinner recipes for winter, then here is the list. Try these instant recipes for winter dinner and you will thank us later. Lazy but pretty days are back. It is the favorite time of people to snuggle up in bed and bide time to relax. No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen during winters. 

You deserve better in chilly evenings, so here we come up with some quick recipes to make a good dinner in a short time and jump back on the bed. You should never compromise with your health and food. Keep it in your mind, that these recipes will fuel you with nutritious and essential nutrients that can help you to fight winter extremities. Here in this blog, we are giving you some super cool and instant recipes to rustle up on cold evenings. 

5 Quick Recipes For Winter’s Dinner

  • 1.Chicken and Almond Momos

Chicken momos are people’s favorite food, but if we add almonds and nuts to them, they become extra nutritious and tasty. It is the season of winters and we need extra healthy fatty food to keep up to it. So try these delicious momos for dinner in winter.

2. Almond and Broccoli Soup  

In winters, nothing is better than to have a light and healthy soup. Almonds and broccoli are ideal to be put on a plate during winters, and it is easy enough to make in chilling winters.

3. Instant Noodles

It is the best idea to whip up a Chinese meal with a quick and simple noodle recipe. Boil noodles, then toss with different vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, and onions. You can also add peanuts and lemon juice for taste. Schezwan sauce, vinegar, and ginger-garlic paste to make tasty noodles.

4. Pepper Rice Recipe

Make pepper rice to beat the winter and warm yourself up. Add curry leaves, cashews, chana dal, and onions with pepper powder and mustard seeds. Then toss the rice and serve.

5. Tariwala Chicken

Make desi chicken curry to beat your hunger. To make Tariwala chicken, you need around 30 minutes. The tomato and onion gravy gives flavor. Loads of chicken and spices are dunked in the chicken to complete the dish.

So, try these amazing dinner recipes that you can make in a short time and enjoy cosy evenings in winters alone and with your loved ones.

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