Healthy and Instant Breakfast Recipes - 10 Mins Bachelor Hostel Cooking - Cooking Recipe and Tips
Healthy and Instant Breakfast Recipes – 10 Mins Bachelor Hostel Cooking
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Healthy and Instant Breakfast Recipes – 10 Mins Bachelor Hostel Cooking

Breakfast plays an important role in making a day, and we often end up rushing it. In this blog, we are giving you some instant breakfast recipes that can be the perfect startup for your day.

We all know that breakfast is one of the most essential meals of the day. The breakfast should always be nutritious and healthy to keep people energized and help them stay focused on their work throughout the day.

Breakfast is not about fulfilling yourself with anything. It is all about eating something healthy to load up the body with vital nutrients as much as possible. So, the question arises how can you achieve it? Thankfully, numerous options are available. The major benefit of the spectacular co-existence related to different cultures is that people can try recipes that come from other regions to relish a new flavor.

Here we are giving you a few options that you can all try at times when you either feel too bored or tired while trying options of usual breakfast. The best part of these dishes is that they all are easy and quick to make. Let’s have a look.

Instant Breakfast Recipes for An Easy Morning

1. Instant Rava Dosa

This Rava Dosa is very easy to cook and helps to keep you full for a long time. It is originated from Tamil Nadu that is like a pancake made from unfermented batter. The main ingredient to make Rava Dosa is semolina flour or unroasted fine sooji. You can also replace unroasted sooji with rice or wheat flour. 

2. Uttapam Pizza

Another South Indian recipe is uttapam loaded with vegetables and sooji. Semolina or sooji provides instant energy that is needed to keep going for a whole day. Besides it, used vegetables like tomatoes, onion, and carrot provide an amount of fiber that is helpful for smooth digestion in the human body.

3. Dhokla

Dhokla is one of Gujarati’s special dishes loved by all. It is made from besan or gram flour and sooji that makes this dish healthy for your diet. Gram flour is generally rich in vitamins, soluble fiber, and minerals, which keep our body and heart-healthy. The fiber in besan also helps to keep the cholesterol level balanced.

4. Sooji Handvo

Sooji Handvo is also a mouth-watering dish that originated in Gujarat. It is made of a mixed ground batter of chana, urad, and moong dal (yellow). It can also be made with a batter of sooji-and-besan. It looks like the savory cake sprinkled with finely chopped vegetables.

5. Poha

Poha is a popular dish specialized in Maharashtra. It is mainly consumed in breakfast. Its main ingredients are flattened rice that also includes potatoes, onions, spices, peanuts, and herbs that can be customized by removing or adding some other ingredients as per your palate.

6. Moong Daal Cheela

Moong Daal Cheela is a typical dish of North Indians. It can be stuffed with varieties of vegetables like onions, peas, or paneer. Besides moong dal, it can be loaded with different vitamins A, B, C, and E that making the dish healthy and tasty than ever. This meal also loads up with essential nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, and more.

Have a cup of tea or coffee along with any of the above-mentioned dishes or just eat by itself and kick-start your day energetically. It loads you up with the energy and power to stay active for the whole day.

Try these super easy and quick recipes for breakfast and start your day amazingly.

Enjoy your meal!

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