Recipe for All-Purpose Sabzi Masala That Makes Food Delicious - Cooking Recipe and Tips
Recipe for All-Purpose Sabzi Masala That Makes Food Delicious
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Recipe for All-Purpose Sabzi Masala That Makes Food Delicious

Are you thinking about making the same old dal and sabzi for the day? Try this multipurpose masala for all sabzi that instantly amp up your meals every day. 

Masalas are chunks and the backbone of Indian curries and sabzis. Here in this blog, we are giving you the recipe for multipurpose sabzi masala that anyone can simply make at home.

Homemade masalas and spices are the backbones of curries and sabzis, especially in India. Indians pride themselves on the ability to make these humble homemade spices that instantly taste up the meal. Indian thali generally consists of at least a dal and curry accompanied by roti or rice. Having a similar kind of meal every day may get repetitive and boring, and it is the array of spices to our rescue. Adding simple garam masala to the sabzi or dal tadka, the food becomes tempting and flavorful, instantly. Here, we bring the recipe of multipurpose sabzi masala that will help you to enhance the taste of the food, every day.

Homemade Masalas That Can Enhance the Taste of Any Dish, Instantly  

Mostly food made from scratch. Fresh ingredients add taste to the food and ensure that your family is consuming hygienic and safe meals. Similarly, sabzi masala made from scratch will add flavor to the dish and ensure that you do not need to worry about any impurities and adulteration in your spices. 

It is important to measure ingredients before starting to make sabzi masala and also roast these spices well. Roast ingredients at a low flame that will bring out essential oil from the ingredients and make them more aromatic. One may use this masala in dal, sabzi, dal, rajma, etc. This amazing sabzi masala amp up your simple meal into tasty food with a delicacy of restaurant style.

Here is The Recipe: All-Purpose Sabzi Masala

This masala includes cumin, coriander seeds, black pepper, fenugreek seeds, caraway seeds, cloves, and green cardamom. First, roast these ingredients slightly and add them into a mixer jar. Once cooled, put all the mixture inside the jar. After this, add more additional ingredients like salt according to the taste which helps to preserve the masala. Add cornflour to increase the life of the masala and keep it dry. Also, add the dried mint powder that gives extra zing, and turmeric to give a nice shade to the masala. Grind all the mixture into a fine powder and preserve it in an airtight container. 

Now start preparing your dish by adding this masala to have delicious food for the day!

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